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Grand Theft Auto V Voice Actor Confirms Work on Downloadable Content


Grand Theft Auto V Voice Actor Confirms Work on Downloadable Content

In an interview with Jack Thriller, the voice actor who plays Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V, Shawn Fonteno, opened up briefly to confirm that Rockstar Games is still in fact working on GTA V‘s downloadable content.

“We working on the DLC, downloadable content, for Grand Theft Auto V and that’s real big man, that’s like first on my list right now, to finish that up,” Fonteno responded at 6:26 when asked what he’s currently working on.

Rockstar Games had announced very early this year that there would be some sort of story dlc seen before the end of 2014, while that’s unlikely as 2015 is rolling in, at least we’ve got a bit of hope that something is definitely coming.

After Grand Theft Auto V‘s heist trailer was released a few short days ago, it could be that Fonteno is solely talking about his possible connections to the heist dlc, or something even more.

Though, Rockstar has previously stated “we have big plans for substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s action, mayhem, and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas.” Hopefully, this means Grand Theft Auto V‘s story-based downloadable content isn’t too far off and can expect something around the release of the heist dlc in early 2015.



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