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God of War Series Possibly Gets New Game


God of War Series Possibly Gets New Game

Kratos is an important character to a lot of people who chose Sony over Microsoft during the beginning of the Playstation versus Xbox days. He was the face of a generation of games, he represented a company and had some fine games whilst doing so.
Unfortunately towards the end of series, the fire died out and the games were a bit more than lackluster to put it kindly.

All this could be changed however on the PS4. Director of God of War II, Cory Barlog, seemingly “leaked” that the God of War franchise would be getting a brand new game via Twitter but the tweet has since been removed. In its place Santa Monica Studio has left a playful and vague tweet.

However, the last installment God of War Ascension felt rushed and was underwhelming both visually and mechanically. It had no trademarks of the series and the story line was confusing, dismal, and ridiculously trite. While it held true to its puzzle/platforming roots, the prequel left the player wanting something just a bit more. It definitely feels like this game could revitalize an fantastic series that got a little lost along the way. Santa Monica Studio has been in the business for a long time and if The Order: 1866 lives up to the hype it could definitely warrant some hope for the series.

Who knows what exactly is in store for our old friend Kratos but whatever is is, let’s hope it’s not Ascension II. 

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