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Get Some Batman Arkham Awesomeness for $10


Get Some Batman Arkham Awesomeness for $10

The Batman games are some of the best games in the past five years. A fun combat system, good stealth, and nice mix of the Nolanverse and the Animated Series from the 90s have earned the games critical acclaim. Well, except Origins.

If you haven’t played any of the Batman Arkham games–Asylum, City, and yes, Origins–you’re in luck. Bundle Stars has all three for $10 on Windows PC. The Game of the Year editions for Asylum and City include the DLC for both games, and Origins has the season pass, along with the Black Mask and Online Supply Drop DLC. If you were hoping for the portable Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, you’re sadly out of luck here.

Buy the bundle, and you’ll receive Steam codes to redeem the games and their DLC. The deal will run until Wednesday, December 17 at midnight Pacific Time.

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