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How to Get Husk of the Pit in Destiny: The Dark Below FAST


How to Get Husk of the Pit in Destiny: The Dark Below FAST

Learn the best and quickest way of obtaining Husk of the Pit, a new Auto Rifle in Destiny: The Dark below that can evolve into the exotic Necrochasm.

The Husk of the Pit, a new weapon that was stealthily added to Destiny: The Dark Below, is strange yet important Auto Rifle. Looking at it quickly it just seems like a boring old common weapon, but it will eventually be able to be upgraded to the powerful Necrochasm. Similar to the Vex Mythoclast in Vault of Glass, it is likely that the Necrochasm will be the signature weapon of Crota’s End.

Before you do any kind of upgrading, you first need to obtain the Husk of the Pit, the first un-evolved and un-upgraded stage of Necrochasm. It is a rare drop off of Blades of Crota, the Knights that invade Earth and The Moon and drop the sword relic. You could get Husk of the Pit simply by killing Blades of Crota when you randomly encounter them.

We at Twinfinite though understand that your time is limited, so if you want the quickest way of encountering Blades of Crota (and thus decreasing the time it takes to get the Husk of the Pit), follow this very simple, short and easy guide:

Enter the ‘Fist of Crota’ Mission for a Guaranteed Shot at Husk of the Pit

Originally you couldn’t reenter this mission but the recent hotfix changed that. You can now find the navigator node on Earth. Once you’ve entered the mission you’ll want to follow the mission through and skip past all the enemies using your sparrow. Eventually, you’ll come across the familiar three acolytes praying to bring in the Blade of Crota knight (in the Refinery to be specific). Kill the acolytes and the Blade of Crota.

If the odds are in your favor you’ll get your drop right away. Unfortunately, while this guide will get you quick Blades of Crota kills, drop rates are drop rates, and you might need to try this a few times before you get it. If he doesn’t drop the item (it will show up as something added to your inventory (not an engram), return to orbit and repeat until he does.

Simple as that Guardians! Happy hunting!


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