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What Is Your Game of the Year?


What Is Your Game of the Year?

GOTY season is upon us!

It’s almost the end of the year, so it’s time for us to look back on 2014 and realize how great it was for gaming. Well, that’s really subjective, isn’t it? Was it great for you? That’s precisely the question I posed to Twinfinite’s staff.

The Question:

What’s your game of the year? Not like, for Twinfinite’s GOTY. Rather, your personal one.


Tony D’Ambrosio: Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dark Souls II.

Justin Carter: Dragon Age: Inquisition or Shadow of Mordor.

Jerrod Lew: inFAMOUS: Second Son or Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Ishmael Romero: Tough one, I played a lot this year. Either Transistor or Dragon Age: Inquisition. Probably more Dragon Age, to be honest. Oh, and although most would disagree, I would probably have to give Destiny a special mention. For a game that everyone says is bad, it sure does provide tons of entertainment.

Justin Carter: Can we just list off our top five of the year instead?

Ishmael Romero: Five is too many, make the tough decision, haha.

Gaston Garcia Holtzman: Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dark Souls II.

dragon age

Ed McGlone: Destiny but I’ll probably be done with The Walking Dead Season 2 before the end of the year so that might take it over.

Yamilia Avendano: My game of the year might be Samurai Warriors 4. I’m really unsure.

Justin Carter: It’s not Geometry Wars 3?

Ishmael Romero: I rarely have a game of the year. There are just games that come out and I’m like, “This needs to be on a list somewhere.”

Yamilia Avendano: It feels like an injustice to choose just one when I played so many awesome games this year.

Ishmael Romero: Exactly. I mean, I can probably choose a favorite of each type if I really needed to, but to just choose one is extremely difficult. I’d have to stick with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Gaston Garcia Holtzman: I’d definitely consider Transistor and Shadow of Mordor if the ones I mentioned didn’t have a much bigger impact on me.

shadow of mordor

Ishmael Romero: I feel Shadow of Mordor really shined due largely to the fact that so many games around its release were pretty horrible. November was the first really solid release month for games this year. Almost everything worked as it should have.

Claudia Lorenzo: Dragon Age: Origins or Bioshock Infinite. I’m a little late.

Gaston Garcia Holtzman: That’s Claudia calling from 2009.

Ishmael: I swear, Claudia is the best. She’s all like, “Calendars don’t control my heart.”

Yamilia Avendano: “Calendars don’t control my heart” is the perfect quote for a cheesy calendar.

bioshock infinite

Mike Geib: Guaranteed 100% deadlock between Danganronpa 2 and Ar Nosurge. 

Yamilia Avendano: What we’ve learned is that none of us can decide shit.

Ishmael Romero: Haha, that’s it, I’m putting my foot down. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the best game to come out this year. It has amazing characters, beautiful visuals, dragons, and a pretty decent progression system in place. On top of that, it was a AAA title that actually worked and was what they advertised. Kudos to BioWare for making it happen.

Yamilia Avendano: Honestly, Samurai Warriors 4 might be GOTY because there’s a clan called Kinki. Or Endless Legend because it’s so good at being Civilization. Or Tropico 5 because Tropico 5.

Dustin Glymph: This was a pretty shit year for games so I think they should skip it this year as a lesson to developers.

Mike Geib: Force my hand and I have to pick Ar NosurgeDustin, this year was amazing for me! Haha, what games have you been playing?

Yamilia Avendano: It was a great year for games, Cynical Dusty.

Gaston Garcia Holtzman: We’ll have to agree that Dragon Age is the shit this year.

Ishmael Romero: It was a pretty shit year, but there were a few games that I think would have shined even in a year of all 8s through 10s. Dragon Age being one of them. I have to agree with Dustin since most of the highly anticipated titles were nothing as advertised. Compared to 2013, this year was pretty sub-par even with all the solid releases that slipped through.

Gaston Garcia Holtzman: What the hell is arnoswhatever and Dangaromnoséqué?

Yamilia Avendano: I think you guys are too mainstream if you think it was shit. Just because a game doesn’t have Troy Baker voice acting in it, guys…

Mike Geib: Define “anticipated title.” Literally every game that I was looking forward to this year that came out was baller.

Ishmael Romero: Well shit is a bit harsh, but even a lot of the indies felt meh to me. Maybe something in the water? And it is scientific fact that Troy Baker instantly makes a game three times better. By anticipated I mean the ones that were heavily covered and generated the most interest from gamers as a whole. Watch Dogs, for example, set pre order records yet when it released it was different from what was shown. Of course, smaller titles are anticipated, just on a different scale.

Mike Geib: I was 0% excited for Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs

Ishmael Romero: Like Transistor was one of my highest anticipated games this year, but I’m not foolish enough to doubt that Master Chief Collection was a bigger game.

Gaston Garcia Holtzman: I got to play sweet indie games for review this year. It may not have been the best, but it wasn’t the worst year. The problem is that 2014 is looking like shit when compared to what 2015 is supposed to give us…

Yamilia Avendano: I knew every game that ended up being bad would be bad. #MassCommunicationsDegree #DontBelieveTheHype

James Knack: Elite Dangerous for supreme scope and life-sucking capability. Shadow of Mordor for being many times better than I expected with an interesting nemesis system and fun combat. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for simply being bright as hell and taking hundreds of my not-so-precious hours of life.

Yamilia Avendano: Oh man, I forgot about Shadow of Mordor. I loved it. Gah, this year’s so hard!

Nicholas Limon: Danganronpa, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, or Shovel KnightDefinitely Shovel Knight.

shovel knight

Mike Geib: Limon, you are the new favorite.

Ishmael Romero: I haven’t played Shovel Knight yet, but I’ll probably pick it up on PS4 when it comes out. I’ll give it a try. Binding of Isaac was amazing, even though I was horrible at it.

Nicholas Limon: Shovel Knight is one of those games that you play and smile all throughout. Until you die. Then you die again. And again. And again. Then you throw your controller through the TV and play Binding of Isaac on your Vita.

Ed McGlone: Last year was definitely Bioshock Infinite for me, and The Walking Dead before that. (Season One was 2012, right?)

Ishmael Romero: Last year was The Last of Us for me. I wish I could lie and say otherwise, but I can’t fight it.

Yamilia Avendano: I don’t remember the year 2013.

Ricky Donaldson: Alien: Isolation. No other game shocked me with how fantastic it was.

James Knack: It does deserve heaps of praise for sticking so closely to the source material.


The conversation lost its track at that point, but it’s certainly clear that there were a hell of a lot of great games this year. Which one’s your GOTY? Is it too hard to choose just one? Leave a comment down below letting us know!

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