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Which Game Companies Have Been Naughty/Nice This Year?


Which Game Companies Have Been Naughty/Nice This Year?

With Christmas drawing ever closer, we took a look at whether companies belonged on the naughty or nice list.

Ubisoft – Naughty


Over the past 12 months, a lot of people feel that Ubisoft has taken the piss. They have released five major games that in some way or another have failed to live up to the hype, or even basic standards that we would expect from a AAA developer. I do have to admit, though, they have taught everyone a fantastic lesson: “DON’T FOLLOW THE DAMN HYPE!”

One of the primary examples of a broken game this year is Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Bear in mind, this is a franchise that has been going since 2007. Yes, they have banging out games for the past seven years! You wouldn’t have thought that after reading an article where Ubisoft claims that the 4th patch should finally fix the game.

Aside from broken games, there is another issue that has prevented the press from doing their job. Ubisoft initially pushed the embargo of Assassin’s Creed: Unity until 12 hours after it had been released to the public. That is 12 hours where people purchased the game uninformed of the immense number of issues with it. Once again, Ubisoft are dealing out some life lessons: “Wait for the reviews, maybe you won’t spend $60 on a broken pile of shit.”

“Ubisoft is the kid that is so bad [that]  Santa kidnaps and feeds him to the demons that keep his magic sleigh flying.” – Ricky Donaldson

Now we have you all riled up about Ubisoft, it’s time to throw some scented flowers onto the burning mess, because they aren’t completely bad. miracleofsound said, on the first episode of the Jimquisition podcast, that he had some good experiences with their community team regarding his videos. Obviously he makes songs, not reviews, but one of our has found success in contacting them about copyright issues too.

Finally, it seems that with any game, people have had different experiences. There was a couple of people in our Facebook discussion who declared that they enjoyed the games, while the rest of us took a dump on them. They felt the company had innovated with some of their releases, specifically The Crew.

Ultimately, it is no surprise that Ubisoft are going straight into the Naughty list. For Christmas, they will be receiving a beautiful Unity makeover where we make their faces look like the one above.


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