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Gambit Gaming Win IEM Cologne and Water Is Wet


Gambit Gaming Win IEM Cologne and Water Is Wet

Surprise, surprise, Gambit take another IEM title for themselves. A year ago, this wouldn’t have meant anything. Gambit Gaming, former Moscow 5 (season 2 face melters), were one of the strongest teams if not the strongest for almost the entirety of Season 3 Spring and Summer Splits and have won several LAN Tournaments including the past two IEM Colognes and placed 3rd in IEM World Series.

Unfortunately, Season 4 was the start of their downfall with major roster swaps in virtually ever position at one point another. Constantly trading in junglers like loulex and Diamondprox and trying to get Edward back into the support role were just too taxing for them to compete seriously and they took 5th place in the Spring Split, narrowly dodging relegation by beating Copenhagen Wolves for the LCS spot. Come Summer Split and they were just about as shaky as when they had left. On top of this, during the fifth week of Summer LCS, Riot hosted the week’s games at the Wembley Arena and despite it looking good on paper and selling out the venue, the deadline for Russian Visas resided dangerously close to announcement leaving Gambit unprepared and unable to send 4/5 of their players. Despite this negligence Gambit still had a decent showing but remained on tilt for the rest of the split barely pulling out a 9-20 W/L and were relegated.


It seems the world forgot about Gambit Gaming until this Spring’s Expansion Tournament where Gambit faced SK Gaming for an LCS spot and crushed them in a quick 3-1 series. The hype was there but once Gambit was voted in by fans to participate at IEM Cologne, would they be able to stand the pressure?

Obviously, yes.

An incredible set of games from Gambit displayed their new talents and proved that even their newly reformed team will be a threat. Roccat looked strong this tournament with their new roster and still lost to a fledgling and mediocre performance by Counter Logic Gaming, who in turned were destroyed with a flick of the hand by Gambit in a short 3-1. This says a lot considering European professional players and coaches have been saying that Roccat was a contender for a top 3 LCS position.

Season 5 Spring Split will be an uproar, no doubt about it.

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