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Final Fantasy Type-0 Character Trailer


Final Fantasy Type-0 Character Trailer

Today, Square-Enix revealed a new trailer showcasing all of the playable characters in the upcoming game, Final Fantasy Type-0.

Set as a propaganda piece for the country of Orience, the newscast reveals that the Class-0 cadets have been unleashed upon the invading forces. The characters are:

Seven, the whip-blade melee fighter; Ace, a ranged fighter who manipulates cards; Sice, a fighter skilled with a scythe; King, another ranged fighter who dual-wields handguns; Duece, a healer who empowers other cadets with her flute; Trey, a marksman who can bulls-eye an enemy with his bow; amd Cinque, a dainty powerhouse with a mace.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is set for release on March 17, 2015.

Check out the collector’s edition of the game here.

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