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Elite: Dangerous Guide – How to Trade Profitably in Space


Elite: Dangerous Guide – How to Trade Profitably in Space

Become a rich trader in Elite: Dangerous with these handy tips and tricks.

Elite: Dangerous offers players a plethora of options for gameplay. Whether you want to fly off into the unknown to explore the vast emptiness of space, hunt down bounties for huge sums of credits, or even channel your inner pirate and smuggle goods between ports, Elite: Dangerous has something for you. In this short guide we will be looking at the backbone of Frontier’s economy, the wonderful world of trading.

At its core, trading is a painfully simple concept we are all used to in our lives through some medium or another. Going out to buy a bag of candy? Congratulations, you’re involved in the trading process. Elite: Dangerous doesn’t put you into the feet of a kid in a candy store though – well, unless you’re buying weapons and ship upgrades. Instead, you will be that delivery guy who no-one ever sees transporting the good to be sold.

Anyway, that’s enough warbling about what trading actually is. Time now to delve into the dark, cash-filled recesses of Elite: Dangerous.

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