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Elite: Dangerous Guide – How to Mine to Success


Elite: Dangerous Guide – How to Mine to Success

Mining for Cash in Elite: Dangerous

Flying around space shooting bandits and exploring the far-flung systems yet untouched by human hands is why many people play space simulators like Elite: Dangerous. It’s what sci-fi tv series like Firefly and Star Trek have trained our minds to think. Most people see space as a whole new frontier just waiting to be blazed around. There’s a small section of people though that see it not as a source of adventure. Rather, they see it as a source of cash. In Elite: Dangerous you can make massive amounts of cash via trading in goods between stations or collecting bounties.

What about if you want to get your hands dirty while still making a pretty penny though? Well you’ll be wanting to get mining then.

The economy of Elite: Dangerous‘ Milky Way revolves around the same kind of things our poor little earth-bound industry, so there has to be someone collecting the goods. Luckily enough there’s money to be earned at the start of the production line. It isn’t all fun and games mining though. If anything, mining requires the greatest investment of time to make credits when compared to trading, bounty hunting, piracy, almost anything, really.

Woah, woah, wait a minute. Don’t go away quite yet. While you are not necessarily making as much money as those haughty-taughty traders flitting around star systems, you are making something that’s pretty rare in the world of Elite: Dangerous: an honest buck.

Mining in Elite: Dangerous takes a certain sort of mind set, You’ll be hovering next to floating rocks in asteroid belts, cutting chunks off them and slotting the rocky treasures into your ship. Ores don’t come quickly, but they do come consistently. Enough of this nonsense about what mining is. Let’s get started on how to actually extract the ores.

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