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Dragon Age Inquisition Guide: How to Hunt Dragons


Dragon Age Inquisition Guide: How to Hunt Dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon

Dragon Age: Inquisition presents players with a deep, engaging world filled with interesting characters and deadly enemies. One of the deadliest creatures you will come across as you journey through Thedas is the high dragon. Powerful and fearless, they will not hesitate to cook you alive and feast on your remains. Once you come across one face to face you are presented with two options: flee with your life intact or stand your ground and earn your place in history.

Of course you didn’t purchase a game titled Dragon Age: Inquisition in the hopes that you would never come across a dragon. You have already made your choice and every beast that dares to cross your path must be put down. You must now prepare for some of the most challenging battles presented in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Every dragon brings something new to the table but they all follow the same general rule-set. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get set up for whatever dragon dares to threaten your party.

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