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Don't Starve Together to Hit Steam Early Access Next Week


Don't Starve Together to Hit Steam Early Access Next Week

Experience the multiplayer mode of Don’t Starve on Steam.

Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer expansion for the wildly popular indie game from Klei Entertainment, will hit Steam Early Access on December 15. Before the game actually hits Steam, Klei will also add the ‘Frontier Pack’, which will be priced at $19.99 for newcomers and $4.99 for those who had previous bought Don’t Starve.

According to the developers, “even while giving out hundreds of keys every day, it became clear to us that we needed a release valve for the demand. Specifically, people were starting to buy keys in back channels, with varying success. That’s why we’re now providing the Frontier Pack: a clear, official channel for access. With it being $4.99 for two copies for current owners of Don’t Starve on Steam, we hope that everyone feels this is a fair way to get into the Beta and introduce the game to their friends.”

Before Don’t Starve Together becomes available on Early Access, why not check out some handy tips for the game before jumping straight in?

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