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Don't Starve Announces New Expansion, Public Beta for Multiplayer


Don't Starve Announces New Expansion, Public Beta for Multiplayer

Klei Games are so good at treating us gamers with love.

As recently announced, Don’t Starve Together, the famed Don’t Starve multiplayer expansion as a stand-alone game (for free, as long as you already own Don’t Starve), will soon be debuting to the public. Lucky individuals who already signed up for Don’t Starve‘s beta will be receiving their copies of the beta for Don’t Stave Together soon. For the rest of us, Klei has promised the Frontier Pack, which allows public access to the beta for $4.99 if you already own the game, or $19.99 for the base game and two copies of Don’t Starve Together for you and a friend. They also mention that Don’t Starve Together will be its own stand-alone game simply because they’ve implemented so many complex pieces to the game, that it’d be much easier to work through issues as its own game.

But in even bigger news, Don’t Starve announces what they’re calling Through The Ages, the next Don’t Starve expansion. Those who have already had the chance to play Don’t Starve Together with their friends have reported that there are balancing issues, mostly with the fact that the game is easy to play. Klei reports that with two people in the game, people are surviving for years instead of mere months, which defeats the survival aspect of the game. Through The Ages will feature brand new content that is custom-tailored for mulitplayer games. Nice!


Also, you will now be able to ride Beefalo. I don’t feel there is a need to explain why this is an important addition. Just look at how angry that big dude is.

You’ll be able to get the free Through the Ages expansion for Don’t Starve potentially as soon as Spring 2015.

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