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Divinity: Original Sin Fixes and Two New RPGs Are Larian’s Future Projects


Divinity: Original Sin Fixes and Two New RPGs Are Larian’s Future Projects

Among the great games released in 2014, Divinity: Original Sin had a lot of success despite being an underdog. It’s definitely a great game and surely deserves high praise. Nonetheless, there are reasons why it wasn’t taken into account as a GOTY candidate. Besides being a PC-only indie game, it had a few noticeable flaws.

After Divinity: Original Sin became Gamespot’s PC Game of the Year, Swen Vincke, from Larian Studios, decided to write about the game’s success and what fans should expect during the next two years. This turned out to be a bunch of extremely good news for all RPG fans.

First of all, there’s what will happen with Divinity: Original Sin. Vincke’s concerns match what most of the fans complained about, and he states it pretty clearly with the following examples:

I think the main story can be told a lot better and has more potential than is apparent, that combat falls a bit flat after act 1 and that crafting,inventory & trade UIs could use a bunch of improvements. Certain dialogs should be done better, there’s still a lot of feedback missing from tooltips & skills, and at higher levels character progression isn’t as cool as it should be. Our loot system doesn’t behave as hoped for, and the companions could use some work.

Can you guys imagine how much better the game would be if they actually fixed these issues? Well, you won’t have to. Larian is already working to fix parts of the story, improve dialogs, balance encounters, and improve companions among other things. There’s a lot of love involved when studios keep trying to improve their product.

Now, even better news is that there are already two (yes, two) new RPGs being developed using the same engine as Divinity: Original Sin. This is massive; not only because Larian has already proven its engine’s quality, but also because it means every fix in Divinity: Original Sin will be taken into account. Things can only get better.

All in all, there’s a bright future ahead and I truly believe all RPG fans can expect a lot. Divinity: Original Sin is a true jewel and a clear proof of Larian’s capabilities.

For additional details on the fixes mentioned and information about Larian’s new office, head on to Swen Vincke’s blog post.

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