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Disgaea 5 Character Video Introduces New Protagonist


Disgaea 5 Character Video Introduces New Protagonist

Meet Killia the Dragonewt, and protagonist of Disgaea 5.

The first character video for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Disgaea 5 has been released, showing off the protagonist of the latest instalment in the series. Players will get to take control of the Dragonewt Killia in this title.

The video shows off some of Killia’s attacks and backstory. From the video alone, it looks like he’s out looking for revenge against a demon emperor due to some events in his past. You can check out the character video above.

NIS also recently confirmed that the company is not in any kind of financial trouble, in spite of the comments made by Mr Shinkawa Sohei on Dengeki PlayStation’s latest questionnaire.

Disgaea 5 is set to release exclusively on the PS4 in Japan on 26 March.

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