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Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Hits Playstation 4 in 2015.


Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Hits Playstation 4 in 2015.

Devil May Cry Definitive Edition has been announced for Playstation 4 with a variety of new features, find out more here…

Devil May Cry Definitive Edition will be released on Playstation 4 on the 17th of March, 2015.

Whilst delivering the ultimate Devil May Cry experience, this edition includes optimised graphics, gameplay and visuals for the players. In addition, Ninja Theory have confirmed that Devil May Cry Definitive Edition will include all the DLC released. There are a ton of new and improved features added to the game as explained by developers Ninja Theory:

  • 60 fps and 1080p resolution — It looks and feels super smooth to play.
  • Uprezzed Graphics — Including textures, characters, and cinematics.
  • Big Bundle of Content — The game includes DmC: Devil May Cry, plus all released DLC: Vergil’s Downfall campaign, 3 Dante skins, 3 Dante weapon skins, and the item finder.
  • New Skins — 2 new character skins. Devil May Cry 1 Dante and Classic Vergil.
  • Turbo Mode — Turbo Mode returns to the Devil May Cry series, with the game running 20% faster in this mode.
  • Hardcore Mode — Hardcore mode retains the experience of DmC, but with a throwback to the classic Devil May Cry games in terms of balance. In this mode, which can be toggled on all difficulty levels, the style system has been rebalanced to make ranking up much harder and ranks deteriorate much quicker. In addition, Devil Trigger doesn’t launch enemies into the air, parrying takes more skill, and all enemies hand out more damage.
  • Manual Target Lock — We’ve seen more requests for this than any other feature! The manual target lock works as closely to the classic Devil May Cry lock on as possible and has fully configurable controls.
  • Vergil Bloody Palace — Only second to Manual Target Lock in terms of the number of fan requests! This is a new Bloody Palace mode featuring 60 levels and Vergil as the playable character.

This list is only half of what Ninja Theory describes will be in the next Devil May Cry release with more details found here.

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