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Surgeon Simulator Devs Want Your Opinion on Cool Physics Game


Surgeon Simulator Devs Want Your Opinion on Cool Physics Game

The developers behind Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, Bossa Studios, have been toying around with a new idea for a game. They like the strange, aberrant behavior of physics based games, but are disappointed with the lack of physics in many open-world, MMORPG styled games.

From this, their ideas for Worlds Adrift were born.  The game would be combining a lot of different features of different games into one: a little bit of Skyward Sword floating islands and navigation, flying around on massive airships like Guns of Icarus, building these ships in what seems to be a a crafting system hybrid of Minecraft and Kingdom Hearts’ gummi ships, all wrapped into a travel system prominently based around physics with the addition of grappling hooks to swing from one outcropping to another.


It’s a tall order, and the images and video we’ve seen so far are only pre-alpha content, so it’s very rough around the edges. But the idea is certainly intriguing, as they want to make the physics of World Adrift result in some wacky situations.

Think about it: from deathmatch arenas to MMORPGs, you don’t really play with physics. There’s no throwing a player against another to have both falling to the ground; no chopping down a tree to squash a passing-by creature; no having vehicles crash into parts that fly away and hit everyone around. No crumbling buildings with dangerous debris, no explosions throwing people in different directions… These kind of things don’t exist on multiplayer games, your sword barely grazes your enemies when rampaging through a dungeon with friends.

…This is where ‘Worlds Adrift’ comes from: our desire to make something new and take it as far as we’re able to.

Bossa Studios is currently taking comments from gamers to see if there’s any interest in Worlds Adrift. Spoiler alert: people are very intrigued. All we have right now are these extremely early concepts. But Bossa Studios promises to open a forum for Worlds Adrift beginning in January, and if enough people are excited to see more, it’s possible we’ll see playable versions of the game in the future. At least for now, we can marvel at how fun swinging between floating islands might be one day.

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