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Destiny's Items Receive New DLC Overhaul


Destiny's Items Receive New DLC Overhaul

Destiny‘s first DLC will be out next week, and Bungie released a preview for how The Dark Below will impact existing items and new items.

The level cap is going from 30 to 32, meaning you have to collect new armor with higher light values.

Bungie outlined how the old armor and weapons will be impacted, mainly legendary and exotic gear.

You won’t find the old legendary gear on the Tower anymore. This change affects all players, not just those with The Dark Below. Like before, this new gear isn’t as strong as raid gear and exotics.

They added a new currency for purchasing Vanguard and Crucible items, the Commendation. You get them by gaining a new reputation level with either faction. As of now, it seems these aren’t retroactive.

Players have seen some changes already impact Destiny, like the changes to exotic weapons. Before, players not only had to search for the resources to upgrade weapons and armor, like relic iron, spirit bloom, etc., but they also needed Ascendant Materials, shards or energy received only by dismantling legendary or exotic-level gear.

You will also be able to upgrade your current exotic items to the new attack and defense numbers by purchasing an Exotic Shard from Xûr. The shard costs 7 Strange Coins. They  are also essential in unlocking the final upgrade for all new, exotic items. This upgrade also wipes all progression of the item.

However, you can’t just take your items to Xûr and upgrade them. Bungie says that each week he will have a collection of upgrades available.

The preview includes details of the rest of the changes coming for The Dark Below like fixes to issues found in Destiny‘s first raid, “The Vault of Glass,” like more loot and more perks on gear found in the new raid.

Destiny’s The Dark Below comes out December 9th and is $19.99

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