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Destiny's Iron Banner Begins Anew December 16th


Destiny's Iron Banner Begins Anew December 16th

Bungie has announced a new Iron Banner event, along with a slew of other update for Destiny.

Bungie has announced that Destiny’s Iron Banner event will be starting again soon. On December 16th, get ready to climb the ladder again for big money and big prizes.

The first expansion, “The Dark Below” will be releasing tomorrow, but you don’t need it to enter the competition.

On top of new info for the upcoming expansion and Iron Banner event, Bungie also outlined some pretty interesting changes to the Crucible matchmaking.

Described as “Slaughter Rules”, if individual players or a team are getting trounced particularly hard, they will be returned to orbit and the victors will be placed back into matchmaking. Consider it a sort of “mercy” rule, with the added shame of being kicked from a battle for being terrible.

Additionally, new playlists will be available to all players, and certain game types have been swapped into different matchmaking categories. Get the full list of details in a very lengthy post over on Bungie’s weekly update.

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