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Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Will of Crota Strike


Destiny Guide: How to Beat the Will of Crota Strike

The Will of Crota is the newest Destiny strike and it can prove to be quite the challenge especially on Nightfall. Here is a guide to help you get through.

The beginning of this week saw the release of The Dark Below, the first expansion for Bungie’s Destiny. It brought new missions with a heavier emphasis on gunplay than was previously available. This especially rings true in The Will of Crota. It is a level 26 strike that proves to be a more intense encounter than any of the previous strikes made available. It also happens to the Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strike. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to cruise through it like you would any other strike. Before anything though, make sure you have it unlocked by following this guide.

Pre-strike Preperation

As with any shooter, you’re gonna need a good gun. But, a good gun has a different meaning depending on the situation. While shotguns are powerful they are useless when facing large amounts of fast enemies at a decent range. In The Will of Crota you will be dealing with hive, lots and lots of hive. They are powerful enemies who use a mix of highly armored soldiers, super fast melee enemies and wizards that rain down terror.

You will want a fast primary weapon that packs a decent punch. Think auto-rifle or a hand cannon with a decent fire rate. If you’ve managed to beat the Vault of Glass maybe you were lucky enough to score an Atheon’s Epilogue. It is a pretty powerful auto-rifle with a large clip and it does void damage. If you upgrade it far enough the second half of the clip does even more damage. The reload speed isn’t half bad either.

As long as you have a primary that is fast and powerful you should do well with the hordes of thrall that will be thrown your way. Being able to mow down close range enemies is a must, and luckily enough they don’t have much health even on Nightfall difficulty.

The two types of shields that you will come across constantly are arc and fire, especially during the final fight. You will want to make sure that you have a counter for that. In order to do so, make sure whoever has the strongest weapon of that element equips it. Put them in charge of taking down shields of that type so that the rest of the team can do some serious damage. Fusion rifles are excellent sources of damage and you will actually get a really strong one (Murmur) before unlocking the strike, so make sure to equip that if you’re not sure what to go with.

As far as your fireteam is concerned, most classes will do just fine. There is one thing though you probably should take into consideration. Most of the fights in this strike take place in areas that have you surrounded. If you’re good at maneuvering around tight spaces this won’t be too much of an issue, but if you or a team are prone to dying under pressure than you’re going to have a problem. Consider taking a Titan Defender to help with revives when a swarm of hive overwhelms your teammates. Sunsingers and Gunslingers also get a little bit of a boost with the ability to dish out extra fire damage.

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