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Deals With Gold This Week Has Metro, Saints Row, and Disney Games


Deals With Gold This Week Has Metro, Saints Row, and Disney Games

If nothing else, the weekly Deals With Gold promotion has a wide variety of offers for Xbox Live Gold members every week. This week is no exception – the deals include everything from the Metro series to a collection of Disney licensed titles.

On the Xbox One, the Deals With Gold are all about Metro. The Metro Redux collection, which includes updated versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, is 33% off. If you only want one of the two games, however, they’ve got you covered; each updated version of 2033 and Last Light can be purchased by themselves, also 33% off. The original games are also on sale for Xbox 360 for more than 50% off.

The Xbox 360 Deals With Gold are a far more varied bag. A collection of Pac Man games are available from 50% to 75% off. Saints Row IV is 75% again, and its season pass is 50% off. A metric crap-load of Disney titles, ranging from Toy Story 3 to Tron to Ducktales, are on sale for 50% off. So there’s plenty there for everyone.

The Deals With Gold end each week, and are only available to Xbox Live Gold members.

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