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The Race to Beat Destiny's New Raid Crota's End Is On


The Race to Beat Destiny's New Raid Crota's End Is On

UPDATE: It’s been cleared! Click here for the details.

Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, is now live. Included in the expansion is a new cooperative raid that tasks players with defeating the Hive god Crota. Unlike the story missions and strikes, the raids are reserved for most skilled players.

If you remember, it took over 10 hours for the first clan, PrimeGuard, to conquer the Vault of Glass. The Vault of Glass is Destiny’s first raid which was opened up shortly after the game was released. Unlike anything that was included in the game proper, the Vault of Glass put player’s skills to the test. It essentially requires a microphone because of how critical communication between players is to solve all of the raids puzzles and boss battles.

Now that the Vault of Glass has been cleared and the strategies for completing it are widely known, most groups can run it in about 30 minutes to two hours depending on how skilled your fireteam is. A far cry from the 10 hours it took to complete the first time around.

Still, we can probably expect something similar this time around with Crota’s End. The top tier clans once again will expend blood, sweat and tears to figure out a strategy that the masses can then follow and perfect through repetition.

For everyone else, we get to sit back and enjoy the show while we see which clan can claim to be the first in the world to complete Crota’s End. A confirmation by Bungie on who was the world’s first to complete the new raid will be announced at 10AM pacific time.

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