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The Crew Guide: 7 Beginner Tips


The Crew Guide: 7 Beginner Tips

Don’t Go Car-Buying Mad

The Crew is a driving game where you can buy cars. It stands to reason, then, that you’d want to get busy buying before you get busy dying. However, you should hold back for as long as you can when starting out. Think I’m wrong? Well, here’s a handful of reasons why you shouldn’t fill your garage at the start line.

First and foremost, you get a steady stream of upgrades for whatever car you own just by playing the game. Completing story missions and skill challenges (coming up in this very guide soon) can beef up almost any of the initial vehicles into a motorized powerhouse capable of going toe-to-toe with rivals well above its pay-grade.

Secondly there’s a little thing called Uplay. I know everyone hates it (myself included) but if you’ve got an active account, linking The Crew up to it can net you a pretty sweet ride. For 100 Uplay points – the only fake currency to still be worth more than the Zimbabwean Dollar – you can pick up a sweet Dodge Viper which can be specced into Performance or Circuit. The first time you should really be looking at buying a new car is when you move onto Dirt races.

Lastly in the list of reasons to not go out and spend all your money, we have Crew Cash. Now, yes, this can be purchased with some phat real money dollah but relatively early in the game (when you buy your first Dirt spec vehicle to be exact) a whole new side of The Crew opens up. This is Factions. There are 5 different factions in The Crew, 1 per arbitrary segment of the USA, and when you team up with them you’ll initially get a whopping 100,000 CC to spend . This secondary currency is a great way to fill out the garage with really pricey cars.

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