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Why The Crew Fails Where Euro Truck Simulator 2 Succeeds


Why The Crew Fails Where Euro Truck Simulator 2 Succeeds

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If you were following the big releases of this year, you’ll know that quite a lot of games had some less than stellar performances upon launch. Many of those were from Ubisoft, and one of them in particular was The Crew. The Crew is an interesting theory: recreate the United States in all its patriotic splendor, and let players roam around it. Sounds fun, right?

Well, as most reviews have shown, not really. The driving is largely sub-par, nothing we haven’t seen in games which have done it vastly better. The game also features a story of law enforcement digging into the seedy crime underbelly of some pointless organization, yawn yawn; it’s basically Fast and the Furious the game. What’s worse, the world feels largely uninspired. Despite the grandiose proclamations about how this game was going to be epic beyond reason, much of the driving is empty and meaningless, and the cities you can actually explore – surprisingly few at the end of the day – feel like hollow shells of their real life counterparts.

It was actually a pretty big disappointment for a lot of players, many of whom were likely hoping for a more Burnout cross-country experience. Combine the lack of interesting sites and things to do, boring and frustratingly tiresome quests that were totally unnecessary, and a stringent desire for Ubisoft to populate every single one of their games with towers that allow you to explore the landscape, and you get a very milquetoast game.

And yet, there is Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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