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9 Times Commander Shepard Stole Our Hearts Forever


9 Times Commander Shepard Stole Our Hearts Forever

He/She is everything we need in a hero.

When Shepard came in all shapes, sizes, and sexes.

That is Commander Shepard.

This is also Commander Shepard.

Together, they make up the ultimate badass from the Mass Effect series. Surely you’ve heard of Commander Shepard, the captain of the Normandy that doesn’t take any reaper shit. The best thing about Shepard, though? Options. You play how you want, whether it’s paragon or renegade, man or woman, black or white, any way you want. Sure, a lot of games let you create a character, but Commander Shepard actually speaks so that rules out plenty of other main characters, doesn’t it? And does any other series let you keep playing the same created character all throughout, complete with the memories and experiences from before? There’s a bond that forms. 

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