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Club Nintendo Posts New December Rewards


Club Nintendo Posts New December Rewards

Two weeks into December and you know what that means: New Club Nintendo Rewards.

It’s that time of the month where you get to redeem yourself a two dollar game from the eighty dollars worth of games you bought this fall and it’s not looking too shabby this time around either. Let’s take a look at the ones that matter.

Wii U

All those lucker dogs with a fancy Wii U get to take a stab at two really great games from back in the days of yore.
First up on the list is Metroid. I’m talking 1986 Metroid. 30 years ago Metroid. “Your Dad probably played this” Metroid.
As far as platforms go, it’s the pinnacle. You can’t go wrong by spending the 200 Coins it takes to purchase this. I’ve spent a lot time and frustration on this game over the years and I still love it. It will keep you busy for awhile, as will all Metroid games.

club nintendo


Next is somewhat of a cult classic. We are all well acquainted with Kirby Superstar and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The lesser-known game Kirby’s Dream Land 3 is actually the middle sibling between them. A spiritual sequel to both Superstar and Dream Land 2  and a prequel to The Crystal Shards, it is a unique and remarkable experience. One of the last games for the SNES, coming about a year before the console stopped pushing games in America (1998) it is pure magic.

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And so it begins

As are many games that arrive towards the end of a console’s life span, it really pushes the boundaries of what is to be expected and this game is non-stop crazy. First off, the game has a high resolution pastel art aesthetic also known as CANDY FOR THE EYES. To add onto a gorgeous game littered with phenomenal scenery and character design and as all Kirby games before and after, a lovely soundtrack to accompany it.

Pick it up for 200 Coins on Club Nintendo! IT’S A STEAL.

Nintendo 3DS

A Kappa’s Trail is one of the many overlooked games of the original DS era. There were plenty of touch games and point and clicks but one of the few treasures is A Kappa’s Trail. You star as a mythical creature on an enchanted quest, WOO NOTHING NEW. What the game has going for it is a charming cast of characters who assail you. It’s quick and intuitive game but 200 Coins it’s actually really worth it. You don’t get a lot of diversity when it comes to Club Nintendo games so this one is definitely worth a shot if you want something new.


There are some good games for the Wii but who in the world still plays on a Wii?

For a full list of games, check ’em out here but beware, they are nerd loser boy games.

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