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Club Nintendo Europe Offering Mario Golf Balls


Club Nintendo Europe Offering Mario Golf Balls

The cultures of gaming and golfing very rarely intersect. There’s stuff like the old Tiger Woods PGA franchise and Desert Golfing yes, but the gaming community will always have Mario Golf. Granted the world of golfing is a fairly niche product. It doesn’t stop the franchise selling enough for Nintendo to keep bringing them out. Now for the gaming golfists out there, Club Nintendo in Europe have started to offer actual Mario Golf Balls.

Available from Club Nintendo right now for 3500 stars, these balls feature Yoshi, Mario, Peach, and Luigi. They’re made of rubber and synthetic resin, with each box containing four balls. That’s one golf ball for each character. They’re the side of actual golf balls, with a 9.5cm circumference and a diameter of 4.5cm.

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It would have been nice to see more than 4 golf balls in each set, but that isn’t something we can take away from Club Nintendo right now is it. Whether or not these will actually get to you before christmas is another matter entirely.

Club Nintendo still offers a range of other products including a Mario Kart Starting Grid T-Shirt and Mario Kart Pins. They do all cost more stars than the golf balls though. They’re obviously a novelty product and will likely be worth more than their fair share of money in the future. In terms of stars, these golf balls cost just short of half the cost of a Yoshi-style backpack and still less than the CD soundtrack for Super Mario Galaxy.

If only they came with little Toad tees. If only…

What items would you like Club Nintendo to offer out to people? Maybe another set of 4 golf balls including Bowser, Koopas, Waluigi, and Wario? Maybe an actual golf club would be sort of cool. Let us know in the comments down below.

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