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Borderlands Online Announced for 2015…In China


Borderlands Online Announced for 2015…In China

Chinese developer and publisher Shanda Games has announced Borderlands Online.

Shanda Games, a Chinese developer and publisher has announced that they are working with 2k Games and Gearbox software to develop Borderlands Online.

Shanda Games states that “Borderlands Online has inherited series trademark “shooting and collecting” (shoot n’ loot) style of unique gameplay. A straightforward shooting experience, weapon collecting, and player skills are the three core elements of Borderlands Online“.

The game will have a closed beta next year, with signups–and a trailer–being released soon. It will also have a PC and mobile version. It’s often been fantasized about that a “Borderworlds” would be released that takes the series past its traditional four-player co-op focus, and this is the closet we’ve come.

So what do you think? Are you jealous of Chinese gamers?

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