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Borderlands May Be Getting Remastered


Borderlands May Be Getting Remastered

As if the remasters weren’t becoming more and more common with this new generation of consoles, the Australian Classification Board has a listing for Borderlands Remastered Edition, with Gearbox and 2K Australia as the developers. The Board doesn’t go into any more details, but it’s safe to say that Borderlands 1, 2 and Pre-Sequel. The DLC for the first two games seems also likely to be included, but since Pre-Sequel has only been out for two months and hasn’t released all of its DLC yet, the question here is if the Remastered version will have the DLC to buy separately or come out after all of it has arrived.

A 2K spokeperson, when questioned about the truth of this, only said that “we have made no announcements and have nothing to say at this time”. Which isn’t saying “yes,” but come on, it’s totally a “yes.” People love the hell out of Borderlands, and if they’re going to have Borderlands 3 on next-gen, they’re gonna wanna test things out first. This makes total sense.

If Borderlands came to the PS4 and XBone as remastered versions, would you get your guns and shoot psychos in the face again? Let us know in the comments below.

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