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Bloodborne's New Features Detailed at PlayStation Experience


Bloodborne's New Features Detailed at PlayStation Experience

This weekend was pretty big for video games and pretty big especially for one the most anticipated titles coming for the PS4, Bloodborne.

President of FromSoftware (the developers of Souls franchise) Hidetaka Miyazaki detailed some of the big and upcoming features in Bloodborne.
Potentially the coolest is the Chalice Dungeon. It’s a random-generation dungeon that is filled with exceptionally brutal traps, fearsome and commanding enemies and topped off with some of the most terrifying bosses ever created. The idea behind these randomly generated dungeons is that the players will have a perfectly unique experience going through them, set aside from the main story line. This means as players generate their dungeons, which become locked in after generation, they will have time to play through them, test it out, and discover the best way to get through and after all this, are free to share the dungeon with their friends and other players. This allows for the community to spend more time debunking tough enemies and complex dungeons and less time grinding out souls in the story mode.

Just about everything else in the conference was related to fans ensuring the game would essentially be Dark Souls III and although Miyazaki seems to have assuaged their worries you can’t help but feel bad for the studio. Creating the legendary series that Souls is and then trying to branch out a bit further in their new IP Bloodborne for Sony leaves them with a fine line to walk. They’ve got a select audience that wants to see a vast character customization and PvP experience and by all means, FromSoftware plan to give it to them but seeing how they were sparse with their answers on what each of these features entailed, it might lead the fans the wrong way. Deep down we know it’s going to rock, it’s just tough to quell the curiosity in the fans.


Praise the Moon?

The concept behind Bloodborne is driven by the fact that it is a fresh IP being distributed by a new company, Sony versus Namco. This means a few trademarks might be left behind. We may not get to praise the sun this time around but I’m sure they’ve got something in store.

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