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Battlefield 4 Will Get New Content and Players Can Vote for Map Remakes


Battlefield 4 Will Get New Content and Players Can Vote for Map Remakes

We’ve said it before and now it’s pretty clear: DICE is doing its best to win our hearts over after Battlefield 4’s poor launch. Just a few weeks after the release of Final Stand, Battlefield 4’s supposed last expansion, rumors of new content arose. Today’s announcement has finally confirmed what we were all hoping: the latest entry in the Battlefield series is far from done.

Even greater news is that the new content might be free for all players, according to David Sirland’s tweet below:

Even though there’s no further information about what the new content will be about, there are some clues. Besides the new content announcement and a promise of future (and more specific) updates, today’s Battlelog entry also asks for feedback from the game’s fans in a survey. After following the link, players are asked which Battlefield’s classic maps they’d like to see in Battlefield 4. The list includes all the maps used in every Battlefield game, including the ones based on WWII, Vietnam War and futuristic warfare, plus all expansion packs. No actual promises have been made, but we’ve been allowed to dream.

This task is far from easy. Many maps, especially the ones from Battlefield 1942, aren’t suited for modern-warfare vehicles and planes. Additionally, some maps include gameplay mechanics not included in Battlefield 4, such as heavy naval combat, futuristic vehicles and game modes, and even map-specific vehicles such as Battle of Britain’s different bombers.

Only time will tell what surprises DICE is preparing. Nonetheless, there’s no better time than this, since the game is actually working pretty fine.


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