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The Au Ra Is the New FFXIV Playable Race


The Au Ra Is the New FFXIV Playable Race

At the 2014 Final Fantasy XIV fanfest taking place in Tokyo, Square Enix finally revealed the long awaited new playable race, the Au Ra due out alongside the new expansion, Heavensward,. The Au Ra are a horned race that are covered partially covered in scales. Yugiri, the popular yet mysterious character from post 2.0 series of main quests is confirmed to be an Au Ra.

Details are still scarce. So far we know that the Au Ra hail from the eastern continent of Othard. Unlike the other playable races to date, the male and female Au Ra are quite different looking. Male Au Ra are muscular and large while female Au Ra are elegant and mysterious. It is not confirmed whether or not that difference in look translates into different stats.

au ra

Longtime fans of the two Final Fantasy MMORPGs will note the significance of adding a new playable race. Unlike other MMOs that add new races regularly, Square Enix has historically been very cautious about adding new playable races. Despite being around for over a decade, Final Fantasy XI has yet to see a new race added.

Yugiri, is the only known Au Ra to this point and she has kept herself veiled, not revealing much about herself other than that her appereance would make others uncomfortable. It’s likely then that the Au Ra have kept their distance from the races of Eorzea given their lack of presence other than Yugiri.

While we will likely learn more about the Au Ra soon, here is a description of Yugiri courtesy FFXIV Gamerescape.

Hailing from the nation of Doma on the shores of Othard, Yugiri and her countrymen have fled their war-torn home and the oppression of Garlean rule in search of refuge. With supplies and hopes for survival dwindling, Yurigi seeks council with Eorzea’s leaders, that they too may call this land their home.


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