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Alien: Isolation Receives Two Free Difficulty Modes


Alien: Isolation Receives Two Free Difficulty Modes

The folks over at Creative Assembly have announced, whether you found Alien: Isolation to be too hard or too easy, that a free update is available now for two new difficulty modes.

Alien: Isolation

Novice Mode is for the faint of heart, it provides the players with a less menacing alien, easier combat and much more available resources to use to defend yourself against your foes. While Nightmare mode seems ‘only’  slightly more tasking.

In order to survive Nightmare mode, players have to deal with a broken motion tracker, reduced resources, more dangerous enemies, no health/ammo/flashlight indicator, a much more hostile environment, an authentic flamethrower with little ammo and the ultimate alien, which is more aggressive, better at adapting and grants no one second chances.

Imagine playing that in an Oculus Rift? Nooooo thanks.

To access the two new difficulty modes, just download Alien: Isolation‘s latest update and voila!


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