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Video Games That Could Be Great TV Shows


Video Games That Could Be Great TV Shows

What if your favorite game could be a TV show? Twinfinite looks at 8 franchises which could very easily have awesome TV shows based on them.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive, gameplay

The world of Sunset Overdrive is wacky and chock full of humor. It’s a world where you could die and respawn by crawling out of the ground, being dropped off by a spaceship, or popping out of blue and orange portals. There basically is no real logic to the world, making it the perfect thing to be converted into an animated series on Cartoon Network. Goofy humor, wacky weapons, and plenty of cartoon-ish violence are right up the company’s alley.

Focus on one of the factions, like the Los Catrinas cheerleaders or the Troop Bushido. Make those rich, lazy snobs in the Oxfords get off their asses and use what money they have to finding a cure or figuring out how to take out the invisible wall over Sunset City. Or, if that runs the risk of messing with future story developments for those factions, switch to another location that’s gotten the Overcharge drink. Everyone reacts to an apocalypse in their own ways.

Sure, the player is a bad-ass with a debatable fashion sense and an ability to skate on everything. But what about the people who aren’t so lucky? Who wouldn’t want to see a guy with an already crappy life get the crap kicked out of them by everyone they come across before rising up to save their city…and then falling to their probably-not-permanent death as they run to save civilians from danger?

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