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8 Forgotten Games That Should Have Sequels by Now


8 Forgotten Games That Should Have Sequels by Now

We need more of these games, developers. So bad. We NEED them.

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The Darkness


The Darkness II was seriously one of the most underrated games of the last generation. It had satisfying combat that encouraged experimentation, and any game that lets your black carnivore shoulders Twizzlers devour the hearts of your enemies is great by default. It ended on a downer of a cliffhanger, with Jackie trapped in hell as his girlfriend Jenny becomes the host for the Angelus and heads back to Earth to right the wrongs him and the Darkness have caused. A sequel that picks up instantly after and has us play as Jackie fighting his way through Hell and back to Earth would be fun to play. And heartbreaking, having to fight Jenny at the end. Poor Jackie, he can never get a break.

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