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7 Things theHunter: Primal Should Have in the Future


7 Things theHunter: Primal Should Have in the Future

theHunter: Primal is currently in Early Access. Here are 7 things that need to be added before its final release.

More Dinosaur Species

theHunter: Primal Utahraptor

At the moment, there are three species: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptors, and Triceratops. The team behind theHunter: Primal have said that there is currently two more species planned for introduction before the final release, but no one knows what these are going to be.

Pterodactyls have to be included, considering the effect this would have on the gameplay. Most of the time, the open field is the best place to be. You have a clear view of any dinosaurs approaching, but there is still the odd bush for you to hide in. With the addition of Pterodactyls, the open would be out of the question for lightly armed hunters, forcing them into the dense overgrowth, as you can’t look up while laying down in the tall grass.

Although it’d be awesome to see Kronosauruses, which are carnivorous fish, there will need to be some more vegetarian dinosaurs to ensure you’re not always on the run from beasts trying to kill you. Honestly, anything from Jurassic Park would be a great shout, because who doesn’t want to experience that movie in first-person.


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