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5 Video Game Tropes that Need to Stop


5 Video Game Tropes that Need to Stop

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Tropes. We’ve all experienced them now and then in our media. Video game tropes are a natural part of the narrative design and writing process. They’re used to express ideas quickly so that you can move on with your life.

The same applies to games, as these tropes are used to conveniently tell stories so you don’t have to worry about. Ever notice that there are no children to slaughter in Grand Theft Auto games? Hide Your Children from the gamers! How about the fact that your character in some games can magically restore their health by downing a few apples? They must have Hyperactive Metabolism. These things are necessary, because if we ponder why kids don’t exist in the game or why random items of food heal deadly sword impalements, we couldn’t get to the fun parts of playing a game. There’s even a trope for that: Acceptable Breaks from Reality.

But there are some tropes that are just nauseating. We’ve seen them so many times, and cringed at their horrible storytelling, that they aren’t even worth the effort. They don’t suspend our disbelief anymore, and they’re frankly annoying. It’s time that games get their acts together and tell less lazy stories. So listen up, game devs! Here are some of games most obnoxious video game tropes that you can avoid in the next iteration of your franchise.


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