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5 Reasons Why H1Z1's Release Could Spell The End of DayZ


5 Reasons Why H1Z1's Release Could Spell The End of DayZ

H1Z1 is set for Early Access soon, could this be the end for the popular DayZ?



H1Z1 will be Free-To-Play upon its full release.

Vehicles have been confirmed for H1Z1 ever since the announcement of the game back in April 2014, and will be available on launch. Fans of DayZ have had to wait over a year for the addition of some sort of transportation – the V3S Truck, but is still not fully functional in the current version of the game.

H1Z1 will involve the use of a jeep, with more vehicles to be added in the near future. Similarly to DayZ, vehicles will have to be fixed and refueled for players to use them. The main difference is how to attain such supplies with H1Z1 utilising a crafting system and DayZ making players search through multiple towns for specific items.

Players exploring DayZ would have seen numerous army trucks, police cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles that would immensely help transportation in-game, however this remains unconfirmed. H1Z1 revealed pick-up trucks and customisation, allowing several players to travel together and store their loot whilst upgrading their vehicle. With the ambitions of H1Z1 being so great, it would be pretty impressive if they allowed players to build and even fly some sort of airplane or even traverse water in a boat!

A boat made from zombies lashed together perhaps? Well it would definitely float. Strap a hunk of rotting meat or that guy you don’t like on the end of a stick and sail to victory on your own motorized raft.

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