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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Out on Battlefield 4's Additional Content


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Out on Battlefield 4's Additional Content

Here is a list of reasons why the decision of creating additional content for Battlefield 4 is a great idea for DICE and the fans alike.

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It’s a Great Way to Win the Fans’ Hearts Back

Battlefield 4

After its extremely faulty launch, Battlefield 4 players spent months waiting for a decent time to play the game without any hiccups. Issues such as severe rubberbanding, netcode problems and really serious bugs turned playing the game into a real hellish experience.

As if initial problems weren’t enough, each new update, fix and even the first expansions generated new malfunctions, which enraged the Battlefield community in ways it had never felt before.

Eventually, players who had pre purchased deluxe editions and Premium membership, fans who had spent months waiting for Battlefield 4, lost all their faith in DICE and the whole Battlefield series. This didn’t only mean angry customers for DICE and EA Games, but also put Battlefield Hardline’s success under jeopardy.

Giving something extra to the players who endured such a poor delivery is a great way to win back some of that lost respect. This is even more effective if the new content turns out to be free for all players regardless of Premium membership. You don’t need an economic genius to understand that happy customers means more fans and more money.

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