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5 Incredibly Fun Games That Have Been Forgotten


5 Incredibly Fun Games That Have Been Forgotten

Here are 5 successful and incredibly fun games that seem to have been forgotten over time…

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Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Games

Perfect Dark was one of the last releases for the Nintendo 64.

Perfect Dark was arguably the greatest release on the Nintendo 64 and was met with critical acclaim and commercial success. Built on a similar engine as GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark brought many familiar aspects to a whole new level. Needing a Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak to access the games campaign and multiplayer features, Perfect Dark had a ton of re-playable content.

Perfect Dark was mostly known for its co-operative features either in the campaign or multiplayer modes. Bringing a variety of missions, guns and difficulty levels, it was a huge success at the time for the First Person Shooter genre. The multiplayer was highly customizable, including the map, weapons and winning conditions, as well as different game types and challenges.

Perfect Dark was eventually remade in 2010 for the Xbox 360 with updated graphics. However, it still remains as one of the greatest games released on the Nintendo 64 that has been lost over recent years.


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