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5 Expansions That Show Destiny: The Dark Below How It’s Done


5 Expansions That Show Destiny: The Dark Below How It’s Done

The gold standard of what expansions should be.

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Let’s face it, Destiny: The Dark Below is not a true expansion pack. At least not when you compare it to some of the “real” expansions that we have seen over the years. While just about everything in The Dark Below is quality stuff, there just isn’t enough of it and it’s more of the same. Here are five examples of expansions that dramatically changed their game for the better, added new interesting content and gave players a fresh and quality experience.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

the dark below
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction put the franchise on the map. Thanks to the widely available battle chest, many gamers were able to experience Diablo II and its fantastic expansion. Lord of Destruction not only added a ton of new content but also was supported and built on for years to come.
Lord of Destruction added a popular fifth act culminating with a battle against Baal, two new classes and a multitude of ways to customize your equipment via new crafts, runes and charms. Diablo II post Lord of Destruction was so beloved and well done that arguably set the bar too high for Diablo III.


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