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5 Early Access Games with Major Potential for Greatness


5 Early Access Games with Major Potential for Greatness

Early Access games seem to be appearing everywhere at the moment, and here are 5 with some major potential!


Early Access DayZ

DayZ inspired an entire genre of zombie survival games.

Originally being a mod of Arma II, DayZ soon became a huge hit with the release of the official standalone Early Access in late 2013. Racking up two million sales by mid-2014, DayZ began to inspire a whole new genre of zombie survival MMOs. The core of this game is about the players and their decisions in an apocalyptic world, away from the major zombie threat.

DayZ involves travelling around a huge map exploring different towns and locations to find food and tools to survive. Players will have to deal with the effects of many different factors including hunger and thirst, providing a semi-realistic experience.

Despite having numerous updates, DayZ remains in Early Access a year on with no confirmation of an official release date. However, it also remains one of the most popular downloaded games on Steam.


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