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3DS in Japan Totally Beats 3DS in America


3DS in Japan Totally Beats 3DS in America

Japan is always ahead of every body else when it comes to the Nintendo line. They get cooler games, cooler release parties and tons of exclusives. On top of everything else, they are now getting ultra customizable 3DS home pages! Welcome to Badge Grab Center.


The videos pretty lengthy but it’s got a ton of cool things to show. Essentially it’s a crane game with prizes being pins and badges pictures that you can use to decorate your home page. You stick them in the places where your games and apps go and VOILÀ. You are now a master designer.




Now to be fair it does have a downside and yes, I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking, “Dustin, there are no downsides to anything Nintendo related, you chungus!” And you are partially correct! I would never question their infallible judgment except in this case where the app is operated by micro-transactions or 1 dollar for 5 tries at the crane game which is by no means excessive but stiiiiiilllllll.

So far it’s just the likes of retro Mario, some new Mario, some Mario Kart, and some other boring stuff. The real highlight is the Animal Crossing badges. Since life is just a less fun and much harder version of Animal Crossing, I’ve engrossed myself in the game! Now I never have to leave that magical world.



This is true love

Now will we ever see the likes of this here? Maybe, maybe not. This current generation of 3DS hasn’t maxed out its sales potential yet, so Nintendo is being stingy with the new stuff. Maybe late first quarter we’ll be seeing more of the new 3DS considering holiday sales will be just about over. Fingers crossed!

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