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3 TV Series That'd Make Great Games


3 TV Series That'd Make Great Games

Here are a list of 3 TV Series from across the spectrum of shows, and the licensed video games we would like to see from them.

The 100

The 100 TV Series

97 years after a nuclear war, the last remaining humans send down 100 young offenders to check the ground is safe in this TV series. Upon arrival, many of them remove the tracking bracelets that allow adults in The Ark (the last spaceship) to monitor them. Now free, they do what any kid would do, enjoy themselves. That is until they realize they’re not alone.

The Forest contains a lot of gameplay elements that would work well in a game based on The 100; notably its first-person view, the structures, and the crafting system. In The 100 game, you could then choose to either be Clarke or Bellamy and take charge of the camp. It is up to you to decide who goes hunting, builds structures, or takes watch. You can complete tasks and increase your own skills, but you don’t want to neglect the others.

Each of The 100 have a story, canon or randomized. This will affect their relationships with each other, and their actions. Some of them may threaten to leave, or go rogue and attack fellow members of the group; while others will become your best friends and remain loyal until the end.

Randomly during your game, main events from the TV series will take place. For spoiler reasons, I will not go into any detail what these are right now, but they should stretch you and force you to make tough choices.

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