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3 Games That Desperately Need a Holiday Miracle


3 Games That Desperately Need a Holiday Miracle

These games need a touch of holiday magic to get them to what they should have been.

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It’s that time of the year when almost everyone is in the holiday spirit. Happiness and good cheer abound as you inch closer to whatever particular day you celebrate. With all of these warm and fuzzy feelings come wishes for holiday miracles. Just like in the movies. You know, those little things that normally wouldn’t happen, but due to the magic of some unknown cheerful force, they come true.

Seeing as how 2014 was the year for games that just didn’t seem to deliver, we’ve put together a small list of some games that can really use a holiday miracle. A bit of magic to get these games on the right track so they can finally put some smiles on the faces of all those disgruntled customers.


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