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10 Dumb Game Names You Won't Believe


10 Dumb Game Names You Won't Believe

Here’s 10 of the Dumbest Game Names every to grace the industry and store shelves.

Sticky Balls

dumb game names

Right out of the door we’ve got the dumb game name Sticky Balls. You may never have heard of this terribly named gem because it came out on an incredibly infamous console – the Gizmondo. This system was a mistake of the highest order which would display downloaded advertisements every day to help fund it. Anyway, the game itself.

It had originally been in development for the Pocket PC until developer Zed Two was bought out by Warthog who moved proceedings onto the PSP. Shortly after that, Warthog were bought out by Tiger Telematics who moved development to the Gizmondo. One of its few claims to fame is Sticky Ball‘s presence as one of only 8 games available for the console in the United States.  You can actually buy the game right now on iOS under the title Sticky Balls Classic.

This dumb game should go down in the annals of history as one of the most idiotic to come to light. Let’s be honest here, who in their right mind would let a game with that title through focus groups and any sort of testing. Don’t worry though, there’s much worse to come.

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