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Xur’s Location and Items for Weekend of Nov 14


Xur’s Location and Items for Weekend of Nov 14

Get your strange coins ready because Xur: Agent of the Nine is now out and about. For the uninitiated, Xur is a vendor in Destiny who sells some of the strongest weapons and armor in the game. He only appears on Friday and Saturday and accepts payment in the form of a rare currency known as strange coins.

This weekend, Xur is hanging out in the South Tower near the large doorway. He is offering up a chest piece (The Armamentarium) for Titans, a chest piece (Crest of Alpha Lupi) for Hunters, and a chest piece (Voidfang Vestments) for Warlocks. As for this week’s weapon, he has The Last Word, an exotic Hand Gun that grants bonus accuracy and damage when firing from the hip. In addition, he has an exotic head engram purchasable for 23 motes of light.

Check out the images below for a look at Xur’s location and the stats for all of the items he has for sale. Also, do you need help getting your light level up or want some better legendary/exotic equipment? Check out our new guide on how to level up quickly and consistently in Destiny after hitting the level cap. Maybe you’re a PvP kind of guy or gal? Here are some additional tips on dominating the crucible.

xur a1

xur a2
xur a3
xur a4
xur a5


Special thanks to Jeff of Destiny Fireteams for help with the pictures this week!

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