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5 Impressions of the First Few Hours of Assassin’s Creed Unity


5 Impressions of the First Few Hours of Assassin’s Creed Unity

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Ubisoft, in their efforts build up the hype for Assassin’s Creed Unity, allowed some streamers on Twitch to play through some of the game. The question is, however, does Unity live up to that hype, or is it all just a flash in the pan? Here are a few takeaways from the first several hours.

The Slower Framerate Is Noticeable


As someone who grew up on 30fps gameplay for most of my life, I never really bothered wading into the waters of arguing framerate until recently. It always seemed like a snobbish remark: why would someone get so worked up over an increase in framerate?

That was in the days of big-box televisions and Blockbuster game rentals. Now that 60fps is more common, Ubisoft’s decision to drop the game’s resolution and framerate across platforms for the sake of parity is a huge turn-off. The argument that 60fps gameplay is objectively better and more pleasing on the eyes is ever-more apparent with Unity’s release. Compared to other titles which are capable of running at higher framerates, the visual motion looks clunky and sloppy. The details of a huge dive off of a Versailles cathedral as your assassin falls toward the ground while the city streets inch ever closer is lost with the reduction.

Even worse, although the game should be locked at 30fps, some of the more complex scenes – such as those with huge battle sequences featuring massive explosions and particle effects, or giant mobs in the streets setting fire to buildings and marching for the heads of the royalty, can make the game chug and drop frames.

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