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Overwatch Was Revealed and Twitter Lost Its Mind


Overwatch Was Revealed and Twitter Lost Its Mind

When Blizzard announced Overwatch last week at this year’s Blizzcon, there was a mostly positive reaction for the new cartoony, chaotic-looking first-person shooter. Here’s a roundup of Twitter’s reaction to the game.

 Need we say more?

Plenty of parallels being drawn between the style of Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. 

Blizzard’s style was definitely a big part of the cinematic trailer. A lot of their stuff is cartoony, but it did seem like they were influenced by Pixar.


Here’s hoping it is!

… I can’t unsee it now…


Gotta love the details in the trailers!


Can’t deny thinking this at various points throughout the cinematic trailer…

Valid concerns. Will Overwatch be competitive or casual? Maybe both?

The possibilities are endless and probably awesome.

And if Overwatch doesn’t seem like your type of game, you can just make like the security guard in the cinematic trailer and keep playing Hearthstone.

You can sign up for a chance to participate in the Overwatch beta over at the game’s official site.

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