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Top 5 Best Dragon Age: Inquisition Companions


Top 5 Best Dragon Age: Inquisition Companions

It is no secret that Dragon Age: Inquisition is a pretty solid entry into BioWare’s Dragon Age series. Many could attribute its reception to its vast open areas, engaging combat, or its deep lore. But something must be said of its cast of some of the most amazing characters to ever grace a video game. What makes it even more worthy of recognition is the fact that these amazing characters can be your companions throughout your journey.

The only sad part is that you can’t bring all of them with you at once.  Three at a time is the limit, so choices must be made. Fortunately enough, you have just stumbled upon a list of the 5 most awesome of these companions. This list is in no particular order and instead focuses on what makes each of these well-crafted characters so magnificent.

There are some minor spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

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